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wiki list

The list of wikis in the diki-wiki-hive using English to work together and having a home page for presentation, support and talk on the en-diki-center-wiki

Most wikis listed use English. Some are multiple-language-wikis but with a user-interface in English.
The basic data for the different diki-wikis are transcluded from the diki-list-wiki. It lists and categorizes the living wikis in the diki-wiki-hive for all languages.
For a complete list of all diki-wikis see diki-wiki-hive: status.

To add to the wiki list first copy the youngest day-entry below and paste it into the new wiki list. Then you can modify it. Add a new entry to the wiki list.
Or click a day in the wiki list-calendar or the date / time in the title of a day-entry to open the page. If not yet in edit-mode go to edit this page to the right.

For now please manually synchronize which wikis are currently listed on this page and which wikis are currently listed in our wiki-net.

The wiki list / wider calendar permits a wider view. The full calendar gives access to all day-pages.

The wiki list

our current wiki list

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