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The [[diki-list-wiki?]] is a wiki to list and categorize all wikis in the diki-wiki-hive for all languages. Diki-wikis have list pages here. They supply minimal basic information about the different diki-wikis in English.

See the page all wikis for a list of diki-wikis or find them by categories.

The home page for a diki-wiki in the diki-list-wiki is transcluded to the home page for presentation, support and talk in the diki-center-wiki for the language that is used in the wiki.

To talk, ask questions, explain on diki-wiki-issues and to help develop the hive use the diki-center-wikis.
To supply minimal basic information about diki-wikis and to categorize them use the diki-list-wiki, please.

An example

You should take a look a the [MessagesFromDikiWiki? messages from diki-wiki] before adding to this wiki.

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