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diki-wiki-hive - diki-list-wiki

all wikis [[diki-wiki-hive_-_diki-list-wiki_-_all_wikis?]] all-wikis-feed [de]+[en]+[fr]+

The wikis in the [[diki-wiki-hive?]] have home pages in the [[diki-list-wiki?]].


  1. de-diki-Zentrum-wiki, the diki-wikis in German
    → [[diki-Listen-wiki_-_de-diki-Zentrum-wiki?]] [de]
  2. [[diki-list-wiki?]], the diki-wikis in all languages
    → [[diki-list-wiki_-_diki-list-wiki?]] [en]
  3. [[diki-wiki-hive?]], the multilingual main wiki
    → [[diki-list-wiki_-_diki-wiki-hive?]] [de]+[en]+[fr]+
  4. en-diki-center-wiki, the diki-wikis in English
    → [[diki-list-wiki_-_en-diki-center-wiki?]] [en]
  5. fr-diki-centre-wiki, the diki-wikis in French
    → [[diki-liste-wiki_-_fr-diki-centre-wiki?]] [fr]

The pages all xxx aggregate the wikis in the diki-wiki-hive.

Aggregations of main pages:

Aggregations of day-page-sets:

Aggregations of search queries:

about the latest modification

Mattis Manzel:
Added the aggregations for all changes, all feeds complete, all friends of the wikis, all full changes, all groups, all Mµs, [[all_recent_changes?]], [[all_recent_changes_with_minor_changes?]], all soups and all wikis complete.

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